Chrysler 300, the Rebel Executive

The Chrysler 300 is more than a mere luxury flagship sedan. The Chrysler 300 is about attitude and style. Of course, the luxurious leather-trimmed appointments and precision crafted finishes are world class and particularly inviting, but this is not what makes the Chrysler 300 special. What makes the Chrysler 300 stand out is the unique combination of opulence and edge.

The Chrysler 300 embraces its Detroit pedigree through the available Hemi V8 engine packages and aggressive styling. This edge carries through to the interior, which is full of features that highlight the 300's bad boy attitude. The highly bolstered seats are very nice, using fine-grain materials for a luxury soft touch, but the high shouldered wide seat backs scream of muscle car heritage.

The select shift dial operated shift knob is a very classy and high-end feature that complements the entire console layout, but also adds to the fighter pilot style configuration of the cockpit. The Chrysler 300 is all business and all play at once.

Come see for yourself at Audubon Chrysler Center.

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