Audubon Chrysler Center Car Care for Henderson Residents: Understanding Your Vehicle's Gaskets

What are gaskets? Gaskets are important components that hold at least two surfaces together, and there are hundreds of them in your vehicle. Gaskets prevent gases and fluids from leaking, so it is necessary that they are in good condition. Although gaskets are long-lasting, they will need to eventually be replaced. If deteriorated gaskets stay in a vehicle, it could result in damages that are expensive to repair.

Gaskets are made of many materials, but the most common material is multi-level steel. Copper, rubber, and other materials can also be used to produce gaskets. The most common variation of gaskets are head gaskets, but there are also intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, and bearing gaskets.

Be sure to look out for bubbling, gurgling, or foaming around the radiator. This may indicate that high compression levels have caused a hole in the gaskets. Another warning sign that one of your gaskets is failing is when you notice a white fluid in or around your oil.

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