The 411 on Blind Spot Monitors

We have a goal at Audubon Chrysler Center to help our Henderson, KY customers get the most out of their vehicles. Advancements in the automotive industry have resulted in innovative safety features that offer outstanding protection. One popular safety feature that is commonly used by drivers is a blind spot monitor.

A blind spot monitor is made with sensors that can detect when a vehicle enters your blind spot. When a vehicle is detected, the monitor will send the driver a warning. Blind spot monitors typically issue visual and audible alerts. With most blind spot monitors, visual alerts will appear on or near the side view mirrors.

Many drivers choose to equip their vehicles with blind spot monitors because they reduce the chance of lane-change collisions. The IIHS reported that lane-change collisions are reduced by 14 percent because of blind spot monitors. In addition, blind spot monitors reduce injuries from lane-change collisions by 23 percent.

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